2012 Conference Presentations

The Resilient Utility PDF, 3 MB

Michael Stuhr

RAMCAP Basics PDF, 4.5 MB

Kevin Morely

Threat Characterization and Analysis PDF, 11.5 MB

Ian Madin

Asset Characterization PDF, 3.5 MB

Mel Damewood & Michael Stuhr

Consequence & Vulnerability Analysis - Tanks & Building Structures PDF, 11.3 MB

Jim Newell

Consequence & Vulnerability Analysis - Treatment Plants & Pipelines PDF, 12.4 MB

Don Ballantyne

Consequence & Vulnerability Analysis Exercise PDF, 22 KB

Jime Newall & Don Ballantyne

Risk/Resilience Analysis & Management PDF, 17.1 MB

Kevin Morely

FEMA Public Assistance PDF, 7.2 MB

Julie Slevin

Deployment Basics PDF, 11 MB

Mary Ellen Collentine

Resource Typing & the ORWARN Website PDF, 10.3 MB

David Argast

Table Top Exercise: Shady Harbor Presentation PDF, 1 MB

Shady Harbor Handout PDF, 7 MB

Todd Simmons