2011 Conference Photos

ORWARN Conference at the Sheraton Portland Airport

 Exterior view of Sheraton     Sheraton welcomes ORWARN Conference sign

2011 ORWARN conference postcard/splash screen titled Seismic Shakedown    ORWARN Annual conference banner

Conference Preparations


Kristel Fessler, City of Hillsboro, assists with conference preparations    Robin Hagedorn, Portland Water Bureau, assists with conference preparations

Conference Vendors

Vendor Frank J Martin booth and representatives    Vendor Owen Equipment booth and representative

Vendor Branom Instrument Company booth and representative    OAWU Vendor booth and representaive           

Conference Participants

ORWARN Board Members     Conference participants              

Conference participants     Conference participants             

Conference participants     Conference participants    

Conference participants    Conference participants                                       

Equipment Displays and Demos

Joint Water Commission Damage Assessment Team truck and trailor display    EWEB truck display                                                                                      

Mobile water distribution system demonstration     Mobile water distribution system demonstration

PWB Damage Assessment Team truck and trailor display    Vendor Owen Equipment trailor display

Equipment display - portable pump    PWB Emergency Operations Mobile Command Trailor                                                                               

Table Top Exercise   

Table Top exercise participants    Table Top exercise participants      

    Table Top exercise participants                                                                         

Table Top exercise participants    Table Top exercise participants

Table Top exercise participants    Table Top exercise participants